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Spring/Summer 2008

The Spring semester has flown by! Over 130 Undergraduate and graduate students were introduced to primary source research methods, and had the opportunity to explore the variety of formats and sources maintained in Special Collections. History 100w students learned about the resources documenting Japanese Internment and student life at San Jose State during Vietnam. History 200 students explored the possibilities documenting nationalism at the local and regional level, while English, Art, and Geology undergraduates learned about the rich collection of artists books, fine press, and other rare book collections.

Our outreach activities included sponsorship of the First Thursday lecture "A Soldier and a Collegian Remember their Nineteenth Century California Homeland, by SJSU Professor, Gregorio Mora-Torres, and the Wavelength Documentary Preview Screening on second wave feminism, produced by Jennifer Lee and Jennifer Myronuk.

For the summer we have two interesting exhibits from our artist books and war poster collection. The artist book collection exhibit draws upon the department's rich and varied printed book collection. It explores the significance of the advent of printing and its impact on the development of western civilization. This exhibit presents selections from a collection of approximately 1,447 World War I and II posters collected by Professor Charles Burdick. The posters provide a graphic portrayal of propaganda used to educate the public and enlist support for the war.


  1. Gerrit said...
    Danelle, this looks really cool. Do you know if any of the students used the collection in a research paper or plan on doing so?
    Anonymous said...
    I am doing my thesis on Jewish women leaders in the Second wave of feminism. Any comments on the previewing of Wavelength as relates to Sonia Pressman Fuentes? please reply to

    Salena said...
    Good for people to know.
    Anonymous said...
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