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Department Update

Since the summer the SJSU Special Collections staff has been very busy working on the NHPRC grant. Erin Louthen is working as our new project archivist, and she has been doing a great job! We have appraised over 300 file boxes of materials documenting the Office of the President, which span over 50 years. We anticipate on having at least 10 new catalog records and finding aids up on the OAC by the end of January. Erin is working closely with Mike Condon (part-time staff member) and six SLIS grad students to complete this work.

We have two important programs for the Spring First Wednesday. The first program on March 4, 2009, will celebrate Women's History Month with a panel discussion and exhibit on the history Women and Social Movements in San Jose. Patricia Hill SJSU Professor of History and a Women's History scholar will be one of our keynote speakers for this event. The second event scheduled for April 1, 2009 will feature CSU Stanislaus History Professor Nancy Taniguchi and CSU Stanislaus graduate student Teri Lunt. Their panel "Manipulating the Unwanted: Labor, War, and Public Policy," will explore " the "push-pull" factors that caused individuals to choose to migrate. In the cases discussed here, there are also push-pull factors, but of a completely different nature. Rather than describing individual choice, the factors here are controlled by the visible hand of American interests. The U.S. government is involved in both; in the first, unsuccessfully; in the second, with lasting ramifications."

Stay tuned for new updates on our RSS Feed for new books and finding aids.


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